ideas for Schools and groups....


·         Student artists could be challenged to design posters or *TV Screens to promote Peace Festival events – within school and beyond.

·         Create some Flower Power for Peace – invite students to bring in flowers from their garden or create of paper flower extravaganza in a special place that could be set aside for Peace Festival Week.

·         In collaboration with school/college Visual Art departments, create an exhibition of works [installations, videos, paintings, photographs] revealing students’ representations about peace. [Could be same area as above].

·         Think about songs that either convey messages of peace or about music which create a sense of peace.  Play and discuss within class groups or to ‘set the scene’ in the above space/s.

·         Source students and/or staff/community members who know how to create origami paper cranes, widely known as symbols of peace.  Create a peace flight path and/or zone.

·         Host a morning or afternoon tea celebrating peace and goodwill for your school community members – neighbours, supporters, P & F, local aldermen.



·         Setting up a station for paper crane making – then using these as a feature at college. Hiroshima day is 6th August.

·         Creating Peace Promises – where the college community take selfies holding up a sign with a pledge of peace and respect #peacepromise #tamarpeacefestival and upload to Facebook and/or Instagram.  – make a slide show of the images and show on TVs around college.

·         Set up a random act of kindness challenge.

·         Encourage students to leave messages of support and encouragement to each other.


·         Set aside a space to create a ‘Wall of Peace’ Messages [or Respectful Words Wall using the Values for Australian Schooling (Care and Compassion; Doing Your Best; Fair Go; Freedom; Honest and Trustworthiness; Integrity; Respect; Responsibility; Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion;) – school community members could be encouraged to write their own or ‘tag’ ones that are most meaningful to them.

·         Home groups/tutor groups/student advisor groups could engage in a meditation experience with the help of music and/or ‘silent sitting’ as per St Giles Peace Activities Suggestions on Festival

·         School PA or internal radio stations could be used to play well-known peace songs and/or ‘peaceful’ music.

·         Some schools have *TV message screens which could be used to promote Peace Festival experiences and/or quotations relating to Peace from renowned individuals who have ‘walked the talk’ of peace.

·         A website of different ideas for education and workshops…