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Peace Doves

Everyone is invited to host activities that demonstrate their way of creating goodwill and a harmonious, safe and welcoming community. This could be a theme for a school assembly or a class theme. If  your school does choose to be part of the festival please let us know and send some photos that we can share in the newsletter and social media.

This year, in partnership with Launceston Library, the Tamar Valley Peace Trust invites the community to make a promise to Peace; to write a message or draw an image of what Peace means to them.

We have created a Peace Dove template (attached) on which you can write a message or create an image. Once you have finished being creative with your Peace Dove, show it with pride and please send us an image so we can share your message.

If you are working with a group of people…
To do:

  • Discuss Peace  – could be as simple as reading a book.

  • Print enough doves 

  • Encourage people to express what peace means to them by writing or drawing on both sides of the dove .

  • Cut out the dove.

  • Attach your groups work to string to create bunting.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful doves that you create.

There will also be Doves displayed in the ground floor window of Launceston Library from Monday 12th August (And the last few years have generated such an interest that the Doves have stayed on display for a few months)

Peace may be defined in a range of ways – maybe the absence of bullying, war or domestic violence – or greater cultural or environmental harmony.  The lens they use does not matter: the goal is to think about how, as individuals, you can help create a kinder society. 

The Tamar Valley Peace Festival provides a theme and an umbrella under which you can host an event. The Festival will help you with ideas, promote your event and hook you up with venues or other activities.

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