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Mandala Group Collage

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Mandala Group Collage

Target audience : Open to the public. Mandala Group Collage is open to the general public of all ages, and there is wheelchair accessibility. Participants will be invited to join in the process of working as a small group to develop a joint collage using paper plates and CDs as our base. Small groups and families are welcome to attend, if you’re attending as an individual or pair please be open to the experience of meeting some new people. All material provided.

Event Type: The purpose of the event is to bring people together through creating a project together. It’s very much about the process and the interactions throughout the process and it’s a nice tool for existing groups or for individuals wanting to try the benefits of creating mandala’s and art.

Event  Description: Everyone is invited to make a mandala using the art materials supplied. The base for the mandala is a paper plate or CD and when each piece is completed it will be add to create a group mandala. All ages are welcome and catered for and no previous level of skill or creativity is required.

Venue: West Launceston Primary School - Kinder building, look for signs.

Contact: Sarah Poulton  :

Date: 5/8/2018  Time: 10:0:0 AM - 1:0:0 PM

Wheelchair access: yes.

Entry/Participation Cost: $0

Other Information/Questions: Donations will be happily accepted for art supplies provided.