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Peace Dove CALL OUT to Schools

This year, in partnership with Launceston LINC, the Tamar Valley Peace Trust invites School students to make a promise to Peace; to write a message or draw an image of what Peace means to them.

We have created a Peace Dove template (attached) on which students can write a message or create an image. Once students have finished being creative with their Peace dove and cut them out, we will hang them in the window at Launceston LINC.

To do:

  • Discuss Peace in class – could be as simple as reading a book.
  • Print enough doves for your students
  • Encourage student’s to express what peace means to them by writing or drawing on both sides of the dove (as they will be displayed on glass and seen from both sides).
  • Ask students to cut out the dove.

Return date: Please have the doves back to Launceston LINC by the end of Term 2

Please email if you would like your School dove as a PDF and would like more information.

We have placed your School’s logo on the Dove as a way of demonstrating your organisation or school’s role in helping ‘teach’Peace. Or you may use the Dove with no school logos. Due to student privacy and the public location of the final works it is an individual choice regarding the inclusion of the student’s name.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful doves that the students create.

They will be displayed in the ground floor window of Launceston LINC from Monday 10 July until Saturday 5 August 2017.

We urge you to engage your students in this process and a discussion about peace – and the concept of non-violent conflict resolution.  Students may define peace in a range of ways – maybe the absence of bullying, war or domestic violence – or greater cultural or environmental harmony.  The lens they use does not matter: the goal is to think about how they, as individuals, can help create a kinder society.   This message so aptly supports the Education Department’s recently launched Respectful Schools: Respectful Behaviour paper.